How We Do It: Our Process

At Adams, Martin & Associates PA, we strongly believe in defining clear and concise processes for all of our accounting services. We take these standard "best practice" processes and customize them to meet each of our clients' unique needs. We assign a dedicated team, made up of a staff accountant and a senior accounting member or a Certified Public Accountant to each client ensuring reliability to meet your specific Accounting Services needs. Having this core team in place provides you with the comfort of knowing someone will always be available to help.

After identifying the core team, and reviewing your internal accounting processes, we develop a weekly and monthly system to start managing your entire accounting function. The steps are outlined below:

  1. Document Sharing Adams, Martin & Associates PA uses cloud-based technology to automate the way we streamline bill payments and share financial information online. We will coordinate with you how to upload or send documents such as:
    • Vendor Invoices
    • Deposit Slips / Payments
    • Receipts
    • Time Sheets
    • Expense Reports & Mileage Worksheets
  2. Processing & Recording Adams, Martin & Associates PA takes the information sent to us in step #1 and takes action. Our team will enter and process payables, receivables, and payroll. All necessary information is then synced to a dedicated QuickBooks file, backed up on our secure servers and using redundant offsite backups. As another measure to strengthen internal controls, you always maintain treasury control. This means investing, signing checks, authorizing online payments, etc. will always be approved by you.

    For vendor payables, Adams, Martin & Associates PA will:
    • Enter Vendor Payables
    • Process & Pay Invoices
    • Record by Syncing to a Dedicated QuickBooks File
    For customer receivables, Adams, Martin & Associates PA will:
    • Create Invoices
    • Manage Collections
    • Process & Record Deposits
    • Prepare Statements
    For employee payroll, Adams, Martin & Associates PA will:
    • Manage Timesheets
    • Process Payroll and Tax Filings
    • 401k Management
  3. Reporting Adams, Martin & Associates PA tailors a month-end financial package to meet your needs. Examples of reports we can include in the month-end financial package are:
    • Bank Reconciliations
    • Profit & Loss Statements
    • Balance Sheets
    • Accounts Receivable Aging Reports
    • Accounts Payable Aging Reports
    • Cash Forecasts
    • Trust / IOLTA Account Reconciliations
    • Profit & Loss Trend Reports
    We believe in the importance of cloud-based technology because we have seen the results of more efficient, better performing companies using our system. Leveraging technology for our accounting services will help streamline your processes and reduce the amount of time you spend on your accounting activities. In the end, you will have greater insight into your company's financial performance.